douglas funkhouserDouglas Funkhouser

CEO, Founder, Artist
He comes to the printed fabric world naturally. From the scenic arts to the decorative arts, his disciplines have informed him to create this fine handcrafted line. The evolution of the line is a reflection of the master finishes and custom murals that grace his portfolio.
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lisa sallouxLisa Salloux

CFO, Director Marketing and Design
With a background in architectural design, Lisa comes to le gracieux to facilitate the exposure of Doug's artistic intention behind the line. Formally educated at Laguna Beach School of Arts, her extensive travel pursuits and appreciation of invention make for a finely tuned partnership with le gracieux.

shannon michael terry

Shannon Michael Terry

Decorative Artist
Born in Los Angeles, Shannon is a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in the visual arts, film. music and sound.
He brings joy and alternative perspectives to every project.


lyndsey morel 2017Lyndsey Morel

Decorative Artist
Lyndsey Morel graduated from Laguna College of Art & Design with a degree in Illustration and Fine Art. She has worked internationally in many mediums including mural, wallpaper, mosiac, glass, metal, fabric and paint finishes. She has been instrumental in developing the print shop at le gracieux.

horacio ortizHoracio Ortiz

Color Specialist and Head Printer
Born in Mexico and raised in Los Angeles, Horacio has been printing fine textiles since 2010. Working diligently on everything from setting up the shop, printing, dying, toning and even mixing colors, Horacio has fallen in love with the challenges of the craft.


stayce jayeStacie Jaye Meyer

Color Specialist
Stacie Jaye Meyer is an artist passionate about creating on all levels. She brings over 25 years of experience working with clients to realize decorative and fine art projects. From commercial night clubs & high end residential to color consulting and portrait commissions. She maintains a studio practice and also has extensive experience with photography in and out of the studio. Educated at MIAD and OTIS.

enrique perezEnrique Perez

From printing in Los Angeles to Printing in Valencia, Ca. Enrique is a man of many traits. Printing, toning, dying and building, he does it all with a smile!



horacio ortizHoracio Ortiz JR

Horacio hails from East Los Angeles, loves computers, video games and cooking.  Innately and wonderfully shy, when asked for a comment for this Team bio, he replied, "I like the job because it's challenging and keeps the mind busy. I like that it's not a sedentary job, and enjoy working with Family!"

albert paniaguaAlbert Paniagua

Printer and Dye Technician
Albert attended Interamerican University of Puerto Rico studying Marketing. Upon moving to New York, he studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and found his way to the stage not only with key dramatic roles, he also is a top notch drummer! Albert's expression in the print shop is why le gracieux fabrics come to life, sensitivity and rhythm are key.

zechariah funkhouserZechariah Funkhouser

Printer and Dye Technician
Zechariah Funkhouser is an artist on many levels, growing up in Chicago he took part in the graffiti scene and learned that he loved to explore abandoned landscapes where he could express his imagination. A lover of music, he dedicated the last 5 years to playing clubs and recording songs he wrote in Brooklyn New York. He is working on his expertise to be able to be running a recording studio for artists to explore their creativity.

andrew morrisAndrew Morris

Hub Manager and Dye Technician
Andrew is classically trained through Otis College of Art and Design for fine art and graphic design. He has a contemporary approach to his paintings and his portraits tell stories. He has a background in stained glass, computer arts and unique marketing strategies. He applies all of these aspects to his printing and hand dyeing skills here at le gracieux. He also digs the wilderness!

horacio ortizSarah Walters

Product Service Manager
Sarah, a free spirt, has a degree in Interior Design and has spent over a decade as an Architectural Survey Specialist. AutoCAD and Photo Shop are second nature to her. She has lived in too many places to say she is from anywhere. Traveling is her second passion. She comes to le gracieux from her many experience and has found familiarity in the roots of her Interior Design Degree. She enjoys the family like atmosphere and creativity that is le gracieux."

horacio ortizAriana Anzures

Decor Development
While dream-weaving through time and space Ariana is a multimedia artist with a focus on comedy writing. As a new member of the le gracieux team Ariana is able to put her production and operations experience to work and contribute to the le gracieux mission statement of “making beauty everyday”.

malorie felt 2017Malorie Felt

Memo Department
Malorie is an incredibly organized creative, coming to us from the fine state of Colorado. While she pursues her acting career her in the City of Angels, she also paper quills, crochets, sews and play with puppies. She greatly enjoys working at le gracieux due to the creative atmosphere and amazing people.

mary beth kedziorMary Beth Kedzior

Memo Department
Mary Beth hails from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan but has called California home for many years. Being a 'Jane of All Trades', she has acquired many skills in brain research, soldering, fashion, painting, office work, home repair and musicianship. She loves being part of the le gracieux team where many of her skills are useful and the end product is making the world a more beautiful place!